CortexPay Bitcoin point of sale terminal (POS)

Take the professional approach and start accepting bitcoin payments with CortexPay.

There are multiple options when it comes to accepting bitcoin payments. We’ve tried them all and did not like what we saw so we designed the CortexPay as the best solution for accepting in-store Bitcoin payments. CortexPay has been battle tested and used in the field since March 2015.


Usually a smartphone or tablet seems to be first thing on people their mind when they think about starting to accept bitcoins at their shop or restaurant. At GENERAL BYTES we have tried this and found that this doesn’t work with regular staff.

Here is how the phone / tablet Point of Sale story usually goes:

  1. Hey Joe, I have a customer here and he wants to pay with ….. bit-coin. Joe, do you remember how to do that? It was on some smartphone. Where is it?
  2. Sorry it took a while, I found it. Give me two more minutes i will find a charger and charge it a bit. We don’t accept bitcoin that often.
  3. Hey Joe. What is the PIN?
  4. Luckilly we got PIN correctly on third attempt because my boss which i called to has it written down in his office.
  5. 1 more minute of booting phone…
  6. What is the name of the app? Is it web based or a native app?
  7. Got it. It was simple. First icon from the end. Wow it looks different now than i used it last time. Give me a second, where was it….
  8. So, how do you want to pay? QR code ok, move it further from me and i will get the focus.

Why our CortextPay point of sale terminal is the ideal solution:

  1. It has no batteries. It is always on and connected to power outlet.
  2. It doesn’t move from person to person. It stays in one place and nobody will be tempted to play Angry Birds or PokeMon on it.
  3. No PIN is required to start it and accept payment.
  4. Customer can operate the device for themselved. For example to enter tip or verify wallet balance.
  5. The Cortexpay software doesn’t change / upgrade without staff manager approval.
  6. Camera for QR code scanning is placed at fixed length.
  7. Multiple payment options: QRcode, NFC cards for contactless payment, paperwallets, smartphone’s camera.
  8. CortexPay’s application is optimized for high throughput of payments such as 1 payment per 5 seconds.
  9. You can predefine your goods at backend and staff can just choose from the menu on the CortexPay.
  10. CortexPay accepted more than 53000 bitcoin payments since March 2015.



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